Meet Andel, A new Fashion Sustainable Cooperative that wants to reinvent the Industry

The conversation around sustainability needs to expand beyond the fibres and fabrics that make up garments, to the very structure of the companies which cultivate, create and produce fashion. Andel, a new responsible brand that’s just released its debut collection, is instigating that discussion by proposing a cooperative business structure.

Founded by Peter Dupont (model/entrepreneur), Oscar Miles (designer), and Weronika (Vera) Banas (Fulbright scholar and an industrial designer focused on innovative materials research), the label, explains Banas is “working on the intersection of disciplines combining science, fashion, and collaborative systems to create responsible products.” Dupont notes that the trio want to “show there is a functional alternative to the traditional capitalist structure that we don’t believe is sustainable.” Clearly this team is on a mission to affect change.

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